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About Diane (dee-AN)




Diane was born in Brussels, Belgium and spent most of her life in Switzerland. She swam competitively since the age of 9 and after graduating from College, she moved to the United States where she discovered that teaching was her real calling. 

Yoga was love at first breath. She took her first class 11 years ago with her mom and has not parted with her mat since. She believes that Yoga is the ultimate finish that perfects an athlete and the ultimate accomplishment that perfects a human being. “Yoga has made me fearless, allowing me to embrace physical and emotional challenges equally.”  Diane holds a 200 RYT certification and has been teaching Yoga for 8 years. She has enjoyed the relationships created with her students and the connection she has helped develop between her students and their own body and mind.

Diane believes that there is nothing better than life itself and a good workout to help you discover what you’re made of. Join her and discover what it is to feel like yourself again.



Her Yoga class is the right balance between physical challenge and mental strength while making sure her students stay safe and respect the body they are made from. Diane is committed to teach proper form and alignment to minimize chances of injury. She offers verbal, visual and kinetic adjustments to provide students with the right information so they can understand, grow, explore and improve their practice and daily lives.

She often says that yoga is infinite. Both beginners and advanced, young and old, women and men, injured and those lucky enough not to be are all welcome. She will cater to all bodies in both of her 1 hour and 1 1/2 hour classes. 


About Diane's Classes

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