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About Diane's Mommy Yoga (Semi-Private)

Diane's "Mommy Yoga" classes truly cater to all moms that are expecting or already have 3. She will create an environment in which you will be able to practice yoga, stay in shape, and care for your child without worrying about the poses you might miss or about finding a babysitter. 

Both Expecting Moms, Moms and children of all ages are invited to this yoga class. Let your little one lay on a blanket next to you, or play with other kids while you practice. The goal of this class is to create an understanding environment on what it takes to be a mom and that Yoga can still be part of your life regardless of how many kids you have. 

This has turned out to be Diane's most successful Yoga program. After 2 years it has become more than a Yoga class, but an incredible community of moms where friendships are created between mommies and the children themselves. 

One Mom must host the (once or twice a week) class at her home (indoors or out). Then gather at least 5 other Moms to commit. Pick a time and day. All moms pay monthly or a drop in fee. 

For more information contact Diane here

How does it work?

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